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29 October 1969
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This is an off shoot journal for my Sims stories and weird things such as that. So this one's not really about me, but it's about my Sims. Generally my Sims neighborhoods revolve around my personal muses and friends' characters I Roleplay with in City of Heroes and other MMORPGs. A lot of it is just random 'wishful thinking' silliness and 'what if?' goofiness. None of which reflects any of the canon RP! Taliesen and Thomas are mine. Everyone else with them likely belongs to their creators and I thank them wholly for not beating me with a stick for the antics I put their muses through!

Also, more or less don't play Sims 2, as much as I used to, so most of the content here is from 3.

Can I friend you?: Sure, this is my more public journal. As long as the comments are polite and friendly, I don't mind fellow Sims journals. I'm not inclined to jump at the chance to friend personal journals as that is more for close friends and dear folk and mine is semi-privated out. So please don't take that personally if I don't counter friend for the personal.

Comments and Stuff: Feel free! It's meant to enjoy the stories and the goofiness, all around!

PhotobucketTaliesen La'naia- A young Nalroni. (Yes, he doesn't look like a Nalroni since he's lacking a foxy/jackal muzzle but go with it. It's the best we can do :p) This is my primary muse for all things. He appears in both my games, frequently, and I tend to drop him into every town I make out of sentiment. He resembles a jackal/fox anthromorphic. He loves to play music, paint and adopt lots of animals and heal everyone. He's a hopeless romantic and an idealistic believer in the power of love.

Sims 2 Traits:
Aspiration: Family
Sign: Pisces
Turn ons:Fitness and Glasses
Turn offs: Vampires
Sloppy/Neat: 5
Shy/Outgoing: 3
Lazy/Active: 7
Serious/Playful: 3
Grumpy/Nice: 7
Profession: Level 10 Doctor
Sims 3 Traits:
Hopeless Romantic
Loves the Outdoors
Natural Cook (will be changed to 'loves animals' with Pets expansion)
Profession: World Renowned Surgeon

PhotobucketThomas Deandro - He's my conspiracy theorist muse who spends a lot of time investigating aliens and strange happenings wherever he inhabits. Roswell (homemade town) in Sims 2, Twinbrook in Sims 3. He's a bit timid and afraid, however, but he tries to rise above it when he can.
Sims 2 Traits:

Sims 3 Traits:
Hopeless Romantic
Profession: Investigator