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Repost from mah other Journal! [Sims 3: Showtime stuff!]

A couple wondered about some of Showtime and I thought I'd repost my friend-locked stuff over here. Here ya go, gheez, this is what Magician's progression is like, at least the earlier parts of it.

Sorry about the derpiness of the blue background. I'm not entirely sure why copy-pasting does this but all the text-font editing I'm trying isn't helping. I must be missing something... Any ways... Here's some Showtime links.
 Also, the screencaps are blurry because of the resizing. If you view them in full size, they'll be much clearer.


Doggie smooches. Thomas and Cosmo his mastiff

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Tal and Nex-Devoted through time

Timewalk Stables' updates: Tosca's Adventures in Crime! [Sims 3]

Once upon a time there lived a little super heroine!

Well okay, Tosca seems to think she's one. She's perpetually wearing a cape wherever she goes and her parents are both pretty heroic. Nexrad is a high-top forensics god of science for the Police Department and Taliesen's .. well okay, he's currently taking it easy by running his stable of horses! I'm sure to someone that's heroic!

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A few random screenshots...
From Sims 3
Tal and Spirit Dancer having a quiet moonlight interlude after an exhausting ride...

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Tal and Nex-Devoted through time

Sims 3 Rant: A gripe about the 'community' hate...

It occurs to me why the whole Sims 3 hatred bugs me so much... People ask me why I go looking in forums, etc, when all I find is negative. The thing is? I'm not LOOKING for the negative. I read comments for the coming expansions hoping that others will be as excited as I am. Sort of looking for some common enthusiasm.

The reason I get so downhearted is because I feel so lonely in the Sims 3 community. I never was anyone that anyone cared about in the Sims 2 community. I wasn't the popular one that everyone missed when they'd vanish for months. I wasn't the one people were eager to read their updates and no one ever gave shit nor care to put my Sims in their neighborhoods.

Thing is? I want that connection. I want to see my Sims in other worlds to be enjoyed and to roam with the others' sims. I'd like to go "SQUEE! They thought my Sim was worth folding into their legacy! YAY! there's my Sim roaming and visiting with your Sims. Oh hey! There's X-sim playing in the arcade with your Sims!" it... feels nice to be recognized and thought of, creatively. It's FUN!

I think the reason I want to sell it so much to my friends is two-fold.
For one, I'm a defender of the kicked-down puppies and I hate how much people shit all over Sims 3 when it has so much to offer. People accuse it of having no sandbox, being totally anti story teller and builder and innovative anything. All of which I find unfair, especially with Generations. (I feel that expansion opened so many doors for story telling and have always had little stories roaming through my head when I play my families.) Yeah it has more goals now, but I think the goals add another facet to the sandbox. Some days I want to just build. Some days I want to play with wants/oppurtunities/achievements, other days I just want to let my Sims go about their little lives, achieve whatever little goals each family has.-Taliesen being my stable owner and breeder of pretty horses, things like that.

Also, I'd like to share the experience with friends. I have only one friend that when it does work, I send Sims to via Simport. (I think it only works when we're both online) and I get so excited to see what my performers do in her game and vice versa. I would love to send my Sims 3 sims to other towns, see them interacting around with my friends' Sims and vice versa.

I guess in the end, I feel like the isolated, red-headed step child and whenever I see all the forums; SnootySims, MySims Blog, Pixel_Trade, Sims Confessions on Tumblr, Sims Secrets, Facebook, ModtheSims 2, etc etc.... I go looking for others who may actually enjoy it... and all I find is hatred. It makes me feel very sad and lonely that I'm not even a part of a community like the TS2 people have and STILL have.

But I guess that's just how it is, now....I just sort of hope that at least people enjoy my silly, solitary updates at the very least, even if I'm the black sheep in the Sims community for actually LIKING Supernatural coming, Generations, Pets, Showtime.. and *GASP* the Katy Perry Sweet Treat packs....I always was the stupid, weird one in the world.
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Thomas and Tal have been in my Sims 3 neighborhoods pretty much since the game launch. Way back in the beginning, Thomas had noone in CoH, save his dreams. That being his best friend, Reflex Arc (aka Evan in my game.) So that was who I put him with in my town to sort of indulge the muse's dreams.

Lunar Lakes version, however, is with who he's currently with RP-wise, Peter. That whole family with Karma is a much newer family.

Nevertheless, I have somehow managed to salvage Thomas and Arc through a lot of game crashes, neighborhood crashes, a lot of scares that I lost the family at some point or another, etc etc.. but I've always managed to keep them either through finding backup towns, keeping a version of them in my Sim-bin that I update periodically or what have you. They and Nex & Tal have pretty well managed to survive through a lot... And I still play both families.

Why don't I have more than a generation or two? Well.. because Sims 3 provides a lot of oppurtunities and enjoyments that go beyond generational play and honestly... I found generational play in Sims 2 immensely boring.

Interestingly, one version of this family resides on my desktop. They have a daughter named Amelia. That version I don't play very much because generally I sim on my laptop while doing other things on the desktop. (It's good background amusement.) The laptop version they have a son named Christopher and this is where my update picks up.

Introduing Christopher Deandro, medic extrordinaire! (sort of!)
He loves nature, he's artistic, and spends half his time looking for bugs at night! What he does with them is anyone's guess? I have suspicions of that experimental treatments he keeps handing out like pez, to the world!

Dog Person
Vehicle Enthusiast

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Some Random Sims 3 Screenies and fun!

This would be Thomas' granddaughter, Faith and HER imaginary friend. Her fathers are Jacob and.. well, his imaginary friend, Gadget. (So I guess the attraction runs in the family!)
I just thought it was amusing how Creb the family Lawn Cavegnome happened to pop up right at the point she was playing with her friend.

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People of Earth! Help Parsimonious! Signed the Party Greys! [Sims 2]

We interrupt this broadcast for a special bulletin!!....

The Aliens have landed in Roswell! Don't panic! We repeat, do NOT panic...

They are bringing a special announcement from their homeworld... Which, fortunately, we are able to translate by the magical wonders of 4th Wall breaking communications!

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Wicked Legacy 4.1: She Blinded me With Science [Sims 2]

To catch up on any chapters you may have missed, follow the Wicked Legacy tag.
Updates! Woohoo!
Included in this update Sims from: [info]boolpropbea, [info]ashtur and [info]lauriethemuppet


When last we saw our family, we looked in on the Generation 3 kids while at college.
At the University...
Czarina  preferably known as Czar was embracing a more androgynous to masculine gender identity... as well as embracing a more free manner of dress.

Callisto was embracing SCIENCE! as well as boolpropbea's Temple Ferguson!
Christoff wasn't embracing much of anyone except.. well, mellowness.
Chezna refused for a good portion of the college life to embrace anything outside of how fucking nutters she believed her family to be. She finally learned to embrace her family in an ultra Scooby Doo ending! Jinkies!

At the Le'sair household....
Boris stumbled on a magical lamp and swiftly blew through the wishes like they were going out of style. His final wish was to bring back his favorite Gran, Elle only to discover that she had been quite happy and at peace in the Sim-Bin in the sky.

Alexei, who has been slowly passing into the shades of grey into white Witchcraft felt the need to ease her loneliness and in a fit of magical whim summoned Death to bring his step-father back from beyond... for a price. The price being the loss of another to balance the equation. His wife, Amelia.

Inconsolable, he poured himself into his studies and finally found peace as a fully white Witch. He now lives with his mother, now renewed and her husband, John in a home down the street from the primary Le'sair generational home.

...and this is where the Wicked Legacy household sits, currently.

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