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Wishing: Thomas goes Grunge Part 2- [Lunar Lakes - Karma, Thomas & Peter's home]

Once upon a Time there was once a young wizard.... who met a knight that was always afraid, but he tried to do what he could to help, any ways.
The wizard was young and handsome and very clever with his spells... But alas, fate conspired against the two and the Wizard was killed by a horrible calamity.

However, these two had a daughter, a young scientist!

"They had scientists in those times, mommy?"

"Well..." Karma paused, crafting her words carefully. "Of course they did! Alchemists!"

"Can I be an Alchemist on Earth, mommy?"

"Honey... you can be whatever you want..."

The Scientist... um.. Alchemist was a clever girl! She saw the despair that her knight-father was in and labored night and day over special scientific equations and experiments!
Alas, Science proved only able to restore the young Wizard's life but only to a ghost form...
The answer, it seemed, lay in a strange artifact that'd been growing dust in the back of her laboratory!

She had read all the stories and they always said to be careful what you wish for! Still, the clever Alchemist rubbed the lamp and summoned the Genie!
Her first wish... "I want my dad back to life....."
Karma is beginning to have her doubts when Peter materializes in Ghost form.
"Oh Hell! I was afraid that would happen!"

The Genie scowls at her for doubting his power as Peter's life flows back into him. "Can I go now?"
"Oh... um... right.. Wow!!!" Karma can barely contain her joy! "Daddy!!!"

His work done, the Genie retires to.. well, the TV room to watch the Cooking Channel with Growly!
"I found a diamond!"
"That's great... but... Oooh! Gumbo!"

With Thomas away, Peter settles into restoring bonds to his family.
"I missed you, bunny human!"
"I ... I ...missed you too, Growly. Cosmo and Star miss you too!" He seems only a little bewildered but the sight of familiar family makes Peter happy.

And getting to know the granddaughter he had held as an infant and toddler before the meteor strike.
"I um... I like Aqua, Granddaddy.... Do you like aqua?"
"Yes, Destiny, I like it very much."
It's a little awkward for Destiny, but she tries to get to know him.

Peter's next reunion is with his horse.
Storm nickers softly as he's hugged, and in his horsey language, he says, "soft bunny man .... where did you go? Soft, pink spotted man was sad... took me rides lots! Why did you go away?"
While Peter can't understand the horse, he can understand the sentiment. "I'm sorry Storm... So sorry... Where is.. where is Thomas?"

And there was Thomas....
Disheveled, weary, gaunt and a mess, he can only stand there and stare at Peter, in shock. "P... Peter?"

He quickly closes the gap and pulls Peter into a kiss, tears of joy mixing with happy kisses. "I missed you... I mi... mis.... " The words fade out.

They spend the rest of the evening watching the stars.... with the company of a strange Lawn Gnome to gleefully keep vigil over them!

And spend the night sleeping and dreaming in each other's arms. The dreams of mundane things like cooking and chores replace the heartbreaking ones.

The morning brings a bit of renewal, for Thomas!

"I'm glad to have you back, Thomas."
"Gl.. glad to have me back? But... I didn't go any..." More tears begin to fall.
"I mean.. you!" Peter brushes a hand through the newly trimmed and spiked hair and smiles.

And so the Wizard and the Knight lived happily ever after....
"That was a good story mommy... but it needs more Science!... and Aliens! There needs to be aliens!"

"Well, Destiny, maybe you can add to that story..."
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