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From Thomas & Peter's household
So what're Derpy and Tinara so happy about? I mean that's glee, check it out! Tinara's even got her lighter-app out to set the mood!

Is it because Pascal Curious is lurking around behind them? Nope!

It's because I'm finally getting around to a few updates. This one being over in my Lunar Lakes world.

First off, an update as to where everyone's at, for those who are keeping track or for those who've just lost track given I have so much overlap of my muses...

Lunar Lakes: Thomas, Peter & Karma ; Derpy and Tinara and a few random Curiouses.

Lucky Palms: Taliesen Riftborn & Nexrad, Aidan (the groom and jockey for Timewalk Stables) and their family of horses and emo-cat Baxtor; A few random Curiouses; Alternate-timeline dark Taliesen, Nathan and Harper; Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon and John & Elle whom I just moved in there because Starlight Shores is laggy.

HIdden Springs: (Not a world I update a lot, but this is more Thomas' little fantasy-life) Thomas & Evan (aka Reflex Arc), their son Christopher & Pietro Le Lupe and their Wolves, Wolf Nanaki and finally Rain Tulani. (These two will be my Supernatural boys)

Equestria:(Primarily my Equus Sims world)Tal & Nex and family again; Thomas and his dogs, so far, till I decide whether to give him Peter or Arc.. or both?; dark Tal, Nathan & Harper and far more Paparazzi than I can shake a stick at.

so that's where everyone is, in case you were all wondering.. since I have no originality and recycle my muses in various worlds.

Any ways, on to the updates!

We find our intrepid family in the throes of chaos. Karma was nearly stood up at her wedding, her husband seemed to be flaking out on her. He finally showed up at the end of the wedding, a bit confused and misdirected and she's now pregnant.

From Thomas & Peter's household
Well for now, business is going as usual... Peter's still doing his magic shows!
Uh... you sure you want to put Derpy in your show, there, Peter?

From Thomas & Peter's household
A shaky, small voice calls out from the box, "Um.... hey Peter? Do you think they believe I'm gone?"
Oh no... noone will ever believe you're still in there, Derpy...... NOT at all.... Especially not with the clumsy box shaking or your wing poking out the side.

From Thomas & Peter's household
Peter does his best to cover it all up with special illusions and effects!!!

From Thomas & Peter's household
"Phew!!! I totally thought i was a goner! I was so scared!!  I went to a place with floating rocks and swirling clouds everywere!"
Peter just pleasantly smiles, trying to conceal a fear-grin.
Uh.. Peter, did you mean to send Derpy to the Shadow Shard?  Probably not.....

From Thomas & Peter's household
Peter is congratulated for a great show by...a familiar Curious! Pascal happily shakes his hand in thanks for a great show! (Thank you sixamsims)

From Thomas & Peter's household
He's making a big name for himself around town, these days. Even the Vampires are squeeing for his autograph!
"OMG! OMG!!! SOoo sooo sooooo awesome! YEEEEEE!"

From Thomas & Peter's household
Peter indulges the over-exhuberant bald, fat Vampire... in a Goth outfit. I love this vampire's pretentious sadness, ya know? Workin' that pretentious Goth outfit... and yet.... so very fail at it. Lestat, he's not...

From Thomas & Peter's household
More girly squeaking! "OMG!!! EEEEE! you found my Simolean! OMG! So excited! SO HAPPY!" He hurries off into the night, clutching the enormous coin.

"Peter pulled my missing Simolean out of my ear! I will never waaaaash it agaaaaaain!Eeee...... "


Meanwhile, our little Diva-Princess-Cargeek heads out on the town with Jarrod. *POP* Her date proves even more productive than we imagined! Jarrod, of course is now finally losing himself in the novelty of .... maaaaaaawwiage!
"Such a pretty, shiny ring! Sooooo sparkly!!"

While Jarrod sets up the home for the coming baby, Karma sets up... well, HER Woman-Cave.... Her place of relaxation and meditation and lab work! Yep, this is HER Garage not his. This is the place for other baby, Prudence!

Other babies are also brought into the home! Introducing Nova. Growly's little clone-pup!
Nova's  Traits: Adventurous, Neat, Genius

Trying to make up for his fail at the wedding, Jarrod proceeds to do damage control from the ground up... Starting with bribing Growly!

He really seems to take to domestic life. He even does the little chores around the house! Such a house husband! :)

And he even sends out the thank you notes to all their wedding guests. (Yep, he's Martha.. er Mark Stewart!)
"Dear Derpy,
thank you for the um.... gift? It was very ... unique. I had no idea crock pots came in so many pieces...like that....." Thank you, so much! We loved it,
Love Jarrod and Karma.
P.S. Thank you for the muffins. They were deliscious! You're a wonderful cook."

Karma takes her pregnancy in stride.... Meditation while considering her roach coach cravings is a normal past-time for her!

And crave things, she does! Clam Chowder ala Grease'

She also takes up roadside musician-work for kicks!

Her roadside concert is interrupted, however, by..... "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Even with Contractions and labor iminent.... She puts on the iPod and hoofs it to the hospital! Eat your heart out, Chuck Norris. NOTHING tops the awesome strength of the car-geek, nerdy, martial artist, diva princess!!!

She emerges from her childbirth deep below the Lunar Lakes surface..... still jammin' to the tunes! A baby girl! Introducing Destiny Deandro!

Destiny's childbirth is heralded by..... These guys......

Arriving at home, she's greeted by Star who presents her with the Gem he found, Nova and Jarrod!
*Brk! Yip, BARK?* Translation: Do babies always have funny noses and mustaches?

And this is where Karma starts to lax.... She knows a lot about cars, a lot about being a princess.. a lot about science... Motherhood ain't her strong point.
She sets Destiny on the living room floor, much to the dismay and confusion of... well, EVERYONE. Including Nova.

Jarrod shows his true colors! He turns out to be an awesome dad! He takes to fatherhood like ... well, a good daddy takes to fatherhood!?

And Karma heads out to her laboratory to cheer her new science lab!

While daddy takes care of the baby, Karma sets herself about to doing SCIENCE!

Jarrod finally has made it up to Karma for his wedding fail. It turns out he's just a little absent minded.

Star never quite warms up to him, despite it. He's pretty protective of his human, Karma.

Just tell us how you REALLY feel, Star...

Jarrod tries to appeal to Star's baser instincts, however.
*Grrrr...munch nom nom* Stupid, funny nosed human.... But at least you have food...

When you're grown up, you'll wear ruby slippers.... Pretty angel, pretty princess!

Destiny's first doll.... a gift from grandpa Thomas!

Karma proves she's not very good at the lab table, just yet....
And to make Star easier to spot from Growly, I put a little star on his head. *Boop!*

Star disapproves of your stinky, singedness, Karma!

Birthday time comes soon enough!!

And keeping up with her trend of motherhood, she sets Destiny on the floor.... as Thomas pees on it. Way to go, Karma........  There's great parenting, right there!

Sparkles into... crosseyes!
Destiny's Traits:Genius, Eccentric, Mean Spirited

Her favorite toy!

Life goes on as normal... Destiny's birthday comes with cake and discussion of how to fold napkins properly!

Karma takes a job at the Perigee Science Center!   That's..SCIENCE! Princess-Car-geek-Diva-Karma style!

Thomas Dolby would be proud....

I gave Destiny a new hair style and a little face paint to suit her star-gazing nature! She takes after grandpa Thomas in her love of the stars and aliens!

Sadly, the happy family didn't stay that way. With the familiar announcement of a strange shadow appearing in the sky.  I tried and tried to move Peter out of the shadow.... But since events like this don't let you go into move objects or anything like that and he was stuck in the thrall of the coming shadow..

Even Storm looks a bit worried.

:( Storm, somehow thought to take off, however....

The whole family spills out into the yard trying to figure out just what the Hell happened!

The aftermath explosions of flying pieces got Thomas, too.... It was then that he realized the large crater in the front yard....

And singed and smoked over, Thomas breaks down, heart broken as he watches the Reaper collect Peter.

Sadly, there's no pleaing for your loved ones in Sims 3. :( Which breaks my heart immensely. However, I could have the option to bring the ghost back to live with the family like a Sim... While I debated this consideration...

From Thomas & Peter's household
Jarrod busily set to work putting the fires out!

From Thomas & Peter's household
Brave Jarrod, also miserable over the events does his best to help ut the fires out.

Anything to alleviate the stress Thomas is under. Thomas does, as Thomas does..... he faints from pure misery and fear.

 (Foolishly, my Saver popped up a message to save my game at this point... :-| And in the chaos, I saved it.... Naturally, I pitched Saver-mod at this point.)

Once the family is cleaned up and the house is relatively put back in order, space rocks are collected and some order is restored to the house to some degree. The consolations begin. Thomas seeks consolation with Peter's horse, first. The last thing he has of Peter to hold onto.

Karma does her best to console his heartbreak despite the anguished rants.

and finally just gives up and holds him while he sobs, uncontrollably.

Everyone in the house is effected in one way or another. Star refuses to eat.

Karma has her moments of sorrow as she picks up the scrap and remnants around the house.

And even Growly keens for Peter.
The entire house is just set in mournful moods for days after the crash....

However little lights of returning to happy moments begin to show through again.

Thomas decides to start taking a more active role in learning to ride Storm.

He even throws himself into working around the house to distract himself!

And Destiny grows into a child amidst the stars and cuteness!

Nova takes his place on the bed with Thomas to comfort him with his fuzzy company.

Destiny takes to doing amateur excavation!

She also takes to helping care for the horse that the grandfather she barely remembers.
She happily sings little songs about going to a place called Earth and falling through the stars, while she works.
"Eaaarth below us... Drifting faaaallling! Floooating Weightless... Some day, Storm. I'm going to go to the stars!"

And Thomas makes his own bond with Storm.... in true Irishman fashion. "These are potatoes.... every good Irishman eats them."
Storm approves!!! Potatooooooes! Boil em, mash em, put em in a pot!

Karma and her favorite friend! She enjoys Star's hugs. Star's getting on in age, though.

And meanwhile, yet another Scientist is born!

And while Destiny does science! Karma does synth-pop!

(A little note at the end.. I'm currently debating what I want to do about Peter. :( I'm really fussy about favorite Sims dying and sad that saving the game cut me out of just 'handwaving' it....) There is an oppurtunity that rolls up to bring the ghost back into the family but I'm not sure I want him as a ghost. If there's a way to restore a ghost to full life via cheats/mods or whatever, I'd really welcome suggestions.

I'm kinda hoping Supernatural will have some sort of oppurtunity to do that, either successfully restoring or zombiefying a Sim like 2 does.... *Crosses fingers*


( 15 comments — Leave a comment )
Aug. 2nd, 2012 02:50 am (UTC)
That is so sad about Peter. :( I'm glad you showed the family comforting each other and making their peace about it.

I'm also glad that Jared is making up for nearly missing his own wedding. Absent-minded is a reasonable excuse... it's worked for me in the past anyway!

Destiny has an interesting mix of traits... I wonder how they'll manifest as she grows up?

I don't blame you for not wanting to bring Peter back as a ghost. It seems inadequate, somehow, at least for a favorite. I don't have any suggestions, but I hope you'll be able to bring him back.
Aug. 2nd, 2012 03:29 am (UTC)
I'm not sure what expansion offers the 'console' and such interactions but those aren't pose-boxed. That's legitimate interactions which is yet another reason I love this game. The moodlets, interactions, reactions and traits make the Sims feel so much more believable, to me.

It's either a base game feature or it's something that came with Generations. (Further reason I love that expansion if it is. It brings SO many subtle interactions to it)

So far, Destiny has shown ZERO inkling of the mean-spiritedness. It's interesting to me.

The ghosty version for Peter just doesn't feel right. It might be fun for getting the achievement 'ghost baby' but... :( I'd rather have him back fully or not at all.

It was just such a weird, frustrating situation with him. Hindsight, as I was writing this. I kinda wonder if I could have saved him from getting squashed if I had 'resetSim'ed him.

He literally would NOT break the routing for anything. I tried cancelling it out and it'd keep coming back up. it might have been one of those things that once it's queued to kill them, that's it. I dunno.

I'm sort of hoping for Supernatural to have SOMETHING. But not holding my breath. I am fussy with my Sims.

I have favorites that I use the 'age freeze' potion from Generations on and they stay ever alive which is why Thomas is still young. Derpy and Tinara are, too. The rest of the town I just let age along. So it was just a sad thing to lose Peter.
Aug. 2nd, 2012 04:16 pm (UTC)
I agree, the interactions do make them more believable as people. Because of that, I'm curious how I'll feel about TS2 when I return to it. I wonder if it will seem more flat and two-dimensional.

I really sympathize with your attempts to save Peter. And your grief at saving the game. I know how I would feel if it were me. Of all my versions of Bean I've never let him die - Pixel died once by fire, if I recall correctly (it was so long ago) but I quit without saving. They will die of old age in my Bean legacy... which may be one reason I haven't gone back to it. They still have some time at least. Carlos will probably pass on very soon though. He's at least 103 days old.

I hope Supernatural will let you bring Peter back, and not as a ghost or zombie!

Edited at 2012-08-02 04:23 pm (UTC)
Aug. 2nd, 2012 07:05 pm (UTC)
I'm curious also, to see what you'd get out of Sims 2. I know that there's things about Sims 2 I still enjoy like Freetime's tinkering on cars and sewing and clay and such, for example and legitimate apartments. (I hate the apartments in Late Night) and of course I miss the weather but more and more, Sims 3 just honestly does so many things so much more improved to me that I have a hard time going back to 2.
Thing is, I also have all the expansions so I'm getting the full experience. For you, it might be different since Sims 2 currently has a lot of things for you that you don't have with Sims 3, yet.

I mean the big shifts for me were Generations and Pets. Showtime I enjoy the Hell out of but I think I'd still be playing Sims 2 equally if it was just World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night. There'd be a lot lacking, still, for me.

Generations provided so many of those subtle things I love in 2 and Pets is just... well the horses of course, and the fact the dogs and cats are now legitimately Sims and have their own things versus being just social-boosting decorations that you have to feed. It fills a lot of the holes.

While I miss weather, for the moment, it isn't big enough a hole to keep me in Sims 2. I've lived without weather in a lot of games so it's not my huge void compared to everything else. And if the rumors that are gaining strength are true, Seasons is around the corner, any ways! :)
Aug. 5th, 2012 01:58 am (UTC)
I was still smiling over the thank you letters when I got to the meteor that took Peter's life. Aww.

There is a way to restore Peter. Take the opportunity at the Science facility to restore him (without cheats). Then get ghost Peter to eat Ambrosia. (Though you might be able to cheat to get the Ambrosia, I'm not sure.)

Anyway, let me find a link for you (after I go put antiseptic on my arm as Rico has just run over me :( )...

Aug. 5th, 2012 02:13 am (UTC)
The Ambrosia will restore them? :-O I didn't know that! I thought there was no way to restore life at this point, outside of to ghost form! *Flies to that family* They CAN make Ambrosia! :D

and here I thought perhaps I'd have to wait till Supernatural.
Aug. 5th, 2012 02:14 am (UTC)
Wonderful! :D
Aug. 5th, 2012 02:14 am (UTC)

Scroll down to the 'Resurrecting Sims and Playable Ghosts' and there is a link in that section to Ambrosia and how to prepare it.

I had a similar experience in my Equestria game - the one where I'm trying to build up the stables to join in with Equus-Sims - but with a different outcome.

I took screenshots and was planning to share at some stage.

My different outcome was that Grimmie could be be pleaded with. Elle lives alone apart from her stable of horses. She's currently 'rescuing' horses, training them up and selling them on as she builds up her cash reserves and her skill as a horsesim. She's recently rescued a pretty golden mare and has just become bff with her when the meteor strikes.

While I'm still reeling in shock, a message comes up "It looks like even Death doesn't dare separate a Sim and a pet!"

Now, I think that the mare persuaded Death not to take Elle, though must admit I'm not too sure, it may be that only pets would've been left on the lot?

Whatever, I so relieved... Death went onto try and court Elle by offering her flowers. Elle didn't want to know, lol.

Anyways, hope the thing about Ambrosia helps you out and that you get your Peter back.
Aug. 5th, 2012 02:57 am (UTC)
See now it didn't even give me the option to plea with him. I wonder what the specifics were to get that?
Aug. 5th, 2012 03:03 am (UTC)
I have no idea as I missed that bit being a bit gobsmacked about Elle actually dying and then trying to take a picture of her as a ghost. So I missed anything that may have been in the horses' queues.

I remember seeing the mare walk towards Grimmie but... I'm a bit peeved that I actually missed what happened there.

Anyways, if I'm not going to be able to sleep then I may see if I can find out :)
Aug. 5th, 2012 03:19 am (UTC)
All righty. I'm going to do some peeking around, too. Sleep well!
Aug. 5th, 2012 03:23 am (UTC)
I had a quick peek and found Carl & Pam's Sims 3 Guide says that pets can plead with Death to save a sim's life.

However, in searching, I spotted on the Sims Wiki that with Showtime Sim or pet can be resurrected by making a wish to a Genie - may be an easier option than the ghost and ambrosia route?

It also mentions playing chess with Death to save a sim - but I guess you'd have had trouble doing that what with Jarrod busy putting out the fire and poor Thomas fainting. :(

Edit: with the Genie wish, it doesn't mention whether the sim would be resurrected as ghost or sim, I'm just assuming it would be as sim.

Edited at 2012-08-05 03:25 am (UTC)
Aug. 5th, 2012 03:27 am (UTC)
Also, having the death flower in your inventory will prevent it, too. NOw I'm going to hand one to everyone. I have a Genie lamp, too. :D

I had no idea the pets could plea for them, though. That's really sweet! Storm ran off when the meteor struck so I guess he couldn't do it. :(
Aug. 5th, 2012 03:31 am (UTC)
That sounds like a good idea. I'll have to add a death plant to Equestria.

Just found this:
the Wiki says that the pets harass Death to get their sim back

So it's harass, rather than plead, which maybe explains this post:

I'm sure that Storm would've tried if he hadn't been terrorised by the meteor.

Looking forward to hearing (seeing?) about what you decide to do :)

Edited at 2012-08-05 03:33 am (UTC)
Aug. 5th, 2012 03:37 am (UTC)
Okay that is supremely awesome! I'm going to see if I can wish for him, first.
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