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Supernatural Sims for fun n' Sharing!

From Sims 3
First off, a Sim that  I'm likely going to make a Werewolf when Supernatural comes out, but for now is just inspired from Red XIII of Final Fantasy VII (this was actually not intentional but when I put the face tattoos on him, that was how he felt to me.)
So... Wolf Nanaki

Traits: Dog Lover, Eco-Friendly, Flirty, Hopeless Romantic, Natural Born Performer.
Lifetime Wish: Master Acrobat

From Sims 3

From Sims 3

From Sims 3

Custom Content includes:
CMar's Slider increase, More tattoo locations
Scattergenes Rainbow o' Skins
Tamo's Tricolor Contacts
Sunhair Elf Ears
RoseSims 2's Tail (under Sims 3--> Magic -->Page 2)
Holic Hair converted
Alien Face Markings by SMurfilsimplr
and finally, Kitty-critter nose by Sanus-Ex
Clothing is Diesel SP

Download Wolf Here!

And another of my pretty elf fae sorts! He'll make a nice faery! :)

From Sims 3

From Sims 3
This is Rain Tulani!

Traits: Neurotic, Technophobe, Vegetarian, Eco-Friendly, Green Thumb
(yeah, he's a bit of a Greenie-extremist....)
From Sims 3
And often a bit stern!

From Sims 3
He still loves nature... even if he doesn't seem to smile a lot. He's smiling on the inside....

From Sims 3

And bawling his eyes out over the sink... on the outside...

Custom Content:
Lady Frontbum's Animal Face markings pack
PixPix's Color Sliders by PixelCurious
All Sliders and other items are the same as Wolf's save his hair, which I honestly do not know where I got. If anyone does know, please let me know so I can give credit.

*EDIT* I found his hair. It's a Donation Peggy Hair style. That... *cough* I've found from other means! :D

Download Rain Here!

They are both .sim files, so should download clean of content!
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