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I punish you in the name of the Sims! Oh.. wait...

Keeping in tradition that goes back to Sims 1! Inspired by the news of the 20th year anniversary new Sailor Moon series coming, I finally got round to making Sailor Moon in Sims 3.  I did in fact use a bit of Tink's face to make her and a bit of inspiration from the version Anubis360 made to model her costume.

From Sims 3

So here she is, Usagi Tsukino, aka Sailor Moon
From Sims 3

Her Traits: Over-Emotional, Couch Potato, Family-oriented, Clumsy, Hopeless Romantic
Loves: Pop Music, Dim Sum and the color pink.
Zodiac: Cancer
I tried to get as close as I could to the anime Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino. This pretty much sums her up!
And evidently she likes toast!

From Sims 3

 She is quite surprised to be transplanted from Japan all the way to Lucky Palms! REALLY surprised!
"Ooooh! No trees!" (and a little worried)
She should really be a teenager but I'm taking a bit of license that she's a wee bit older! *nods sagely*

From Sims 3
Proof that her eyes are always a bit anime-large but not O.O!!!!

From Sims 3
Her first forray out into the world is to examine the strange treelife here in Lucky Palms. She heads to the Botanical Garden. And just like everything else, she's just filled with enthusiastic wonder at it all!

"It's so tall!!!!" And full of water, Usagi. Mind the clumsiness! You don't want that to fall over on you! There's tales of fools who knocked them over!
"Why would anyone do such an awful thing to such a pretty tree!" She reaches out to pet it. "OW!!!!!"

Note: gheez Yes, the urban legend is,apparently true!

From Sims 3
She is quickly distracted by the people who live in Lucky Palms!
"HI! I'm Usagi! I just mov..... " Loki Beaker gives her the glare-face.
"um..... Nice to meet you?"

From Sims 3
"I moved into a nice little house over on the lakes! "

Glare. It's about this point that Usagi decides that perhaps the goatee trope is true. And she's quickly distracted by someone else!
While being glared at by the apparent villain of the town, Usagi begins to have this nagging feeling of deja vu. Like she's seen this fellow somewhere else, in a prior life!
Sadly, there are no pictures on that link, now. Not sure where they were housed or why I dumped them but... alas...

From Sims 3
And moves on to greet this familiar face! "Hi! I'm Usagi! What's your name?"
Nervous glances around, uh.. well, nervously. "Nervous?" He murmurs, shooting Loki and Circe uneasy looks.
"Do you like music? I love pop music!"
Nervous explains he has a fondness for classical music!

From Sims 3
She clumsily tries to join in the topic by sharing what she knows... (not much..) and he politely smiles and nods. "It's really all right. I can play you some some time. Welcome to the to..." He pauses, glancing over to Loki and Circe again. "Um.. look. I need to get going!"

She waves cheerfully then quickly gets distracted again. "It was nice to meet you!" She calls after him and she's off on the next tangent.

From Sims 3
"It's so pretty!"
No Usagi, that is not a butterfly. She stares at the deer for a long moment until...

From Sims 3
No you can't eat the deer....
"Sooooo hungry!"

From Sims 3
She quickly helps herself to the trees around the botanical garden. Um.. Usagi, did it ever occur to you that those might be protected trees? They ARE in a Botanical Garden.
"Soooo hungry...." Her stomach seems to be growling loud enough to not even hear the Simgod's warnings.
Ya know what? Nevermind....

While at the garden, she happens upon yet another wonder if the town.... The Wishing well!

From Sims 3
Digging her last coin out of her pocket, she decides to wish, first, for happiness!

From Sims 3
With a shimmering glow, the coin flips up and lands lightly into the water. *PLOP!*

From Sims 3
And happiness she gets!

From Sims 3
"Hey! I wanna try that again!" She's determined to get another wish!

Um.. Usagi, ya know? I don't think that's legal.  I think wish-gods have rules about snatching your coins bac...

From Sims 3
"Just... a little more digging!"
 Okay... right... going to be a silent Simgod, here.

From Sims 3
Her fall into the fountain garners her a lucky coin. So much for karma?

From Sims 3
Despite the fact she's dripping wet, she makes another wish! "I wish for..... loooooove!"

From Sims 3
Is this where I get to point and laugh at karma going well?

From Sims 3
"But... but.... eww.... oh well, okay... I guess it works in fairy tales!" You gotta give her credit for keeping the dream alive. She makes a face, scrunches up her lips.....

From Sims 3
.... and kisses it....

From Sims 3
Miraculously, fairy tales are apparently sometimes true. Something happens and the frog begins to glow. "Oooh! Maybe a handsome prince will appear or Tuxedo Kamen or...."

From Sims 3
"You're not Tuxedo Kamen.... or even a prince...."
Aaaaand she looooooves you, Usagi! Talk about your May-December romances.

She's a good sport about it, though, and gives Valerie a little kiss before she stumbles off  with her cane to her old age home!

From Sims 3

Leaving Usagi alone in the Botanical garden to sulk and be lonely and wondering about the validity of the addage 'be careful what you wish for!'..... with this moodlet as the only thing she has left....

Next time on Sailor Moon.... a mysterious cat enters the picture....

From Sims 3

Download the .sim file for Usagi, here!

 She's not packaged with any custom content.
Mods used:
Scattergenes skintone 14
Sailor Moon outfit by Anubis 360
Chin width slider
Jaw width/depth sliders
Angel Color II Contacts by LemonLeaf
Sailor Moon hair converted by Anubis360
Tags: sailor moon sims, sailor senshi
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