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Sims 3: Random stuff!

From Sims 3

So hooray! I finally found some cute little cherub wings for Derpy! I wanted maller wings for her than the full spread wings since the Pony-Derpy's got little wings!
.... and I can't remember for the life of me where on the site I found them! I do know though, it came off the same site I got the Pegasus wings for my horses!

Site needs registration... and a translation for the Russian, too.

From Sims 3
From Sims 3
From Sims 3

Sadly... the wings are slotted under saddles... so unless you want your horse going around with negative 'get this f'ing Saddle off me! NOW!' moodlets... you have to take em off.

From Sims 3

This is actually Fireball's daughter. I decided to use Mockingjay's pinto patterning on her. She was this shade of gold already so I just applied the coat to her and named her Katniss (yes, the Hunger Games fandom goes on!).

From Sims 3

Tal can haz nose!!! :D
I actually never got round to making this... someone ELSE converted the noses from Genensims to Sims 3. FINALLY! Thank you, Pyxiidis!

Sadly, so far, they're only available for young adult. :( So Tosca has no fuzzy person nose. Nor will Harper when he's 'born'.
From Sims 3
Nevertheless, it's something I've wanted for Tal for ages! So... HAPPY!

From Sims 3

From Sims 3

Disapproving jackal disapproves of his family's dirty laundry!

I also made this little Sim for when Supernatural comes out. She'll be my first faery.
From Sims 3

Her name is Tink Arabelle! :D
Granted, her face structure is a lot like Tinara's, I realize. (I need to get away from the cute little heart shape faces I keep making on my girls. I have no originality. Thing is,it felt right with the faery vibe and I wanted a vaguely anime/magical girl look. It occurs to me her face would also make a nice Sailor Moon face sans the ears.

Traits: Computer Whiz, Great Kisser, Kleptomaniac, Shy, Car Enthusiast! 
Lifetime Wish: The Tinkerer. Mastering Handiness and Logic.
Yeah... she's a little.... strange as far as faeries go!

From Sims 3
Her formal gown courtesy of my weird desire to recolor patterns and the pretty Indian clothes off the Store.

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