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Resources for Sims 3

Since slowly but surely people are starting to peek into Sims 3,  I thought I'd put this out here for you folks. A list of some of my mods, links and miscellanea that I use.

Links - the sites that I frequent for custom content of all sorts.

*Sims 3 Framework Made Super Easy- Before you get any mods, look here! This will make the modding Hell of TS3 sooo much less complicated!*

  • Mod the SImsStill probably one of the best sites for Sims 3 & 2 resources.
  • My Sims 3 Blog  A great blog that has links, preview pics and what not for content all around the net.
  • Sims 3 Updates- Another good website of daily links and submissions around the net.
  • SunsetSims- It's ran by MoreAwesomeThanYou's whole crowd so yeah, you're going to have to slog through negativity. It's the worst of the communities that I have to drag through. HOWEVER, it's also a good resource of pet specific mods that the other two seem to ignore, a little. Also, depending on your ethics, it's a link to 'free' versions of stuff that TSR has... as well as a link to Sims store content for free. (Which can be a little bit of a hassle to break the DRM on them.. but worth it if you're undecided on buying store content and would at least like to preview it.... or if you just don't want to pay money. I have issues with the latter, personally.. my conscience won't let me keep stuff for long, beyond previewing, and also.. you sacrifice the store actually patching and updating content for the expansions)
  • Equus Sims- I'm a humongous horse girl. This site is links and spiffiness to all sorts of horse related tack, mods, fences, horse colors, etc etc etc... I live on this site, half the time! Eventually I'll get involved in the horse related Sims-RP but for now, I just trawl through it for content.
  • SimsViP- a good sie for updates, news and info around the Sims 3 world.

Mods -The HAX0rz stuff for my game!
I used to swear by Awesomemod but two things make me refuse to use it any more... 1. If you want any remote teen to adult attraction, you get to deal with the pedobear/pedophile trait that your Sim gets slapped with and it makes for horrible hassles with gameplay. 2. I dislike the attitude of the MATY crowd... and therefore, refuse to acknowledge them, any longer.

Nraasis the home of all my mods! I love this guy. He's kind, he's helpful, he actually listens to his community and doesn't shit all over us if we ask 'stupid questions' Little wonder that Twallan's overtaken MATY for most suggested modder, it seems.

  • Woohooer Yep... an autonomous woohoo/rmance mod that allows everyone to get pregnant, everywhere, with minor tweaks. With all my gay sims? My population would die in my town if not for this mod. Kama Simtra is a fun little side mod to go with it if you want to 'level up your Sims woohoo skilz!" ;)
  • Maternity Morphs for Males & Teens- Because it's better than having floating heads for a few days? Despite the fact I use this mod, I'm really NOT into M-preg... I just don't like EA/Maxis kids, most times, and I like seeing the genetic game for everyone, not just straight couples (whom I have very few of)
  • NoCD it's exactly what it says... If you're paranoid and don't like the "OMG! Invasive login-launcher!" or if you just don't like using CD/DVDs for whatever reason (For me, I run it on both my lappy and desktop so I don't want to hassle with dragging the disk back and forth.
  • Overwatch- This is the mod I depend on to keep my game running smoothly. Cleaning up stuck crap when it gets stuck, turning radios and other stuff off that lag down your system. I recommend this to EVERYONE.
  • Master Controller- Just like Overwatch, if you have Sims stuck in your lot, flailing their way into red and just want to reset their butts to wherever they came from, reset all the objects in town to purge those stuck ones ... or you just go.. "Gee, I hate that skintone/outfit/hair/bikini/tattoo that Sim is using... I want to change it!" this mod is gold!  Get it, live it, love it! You will wonder why you ever lived without it!  This mod also contains a setting to increase your slider settings so you can get those really WILD Sim features!
  • Decensor- because damnit, barbie doll Sims don't offend me. I'm 43 years old. I don't need to hide my Sims for fear of MAH OFFENDEDNESS!
  • Story Progression- not one I use any more, personally, as I'm content with EA's progression now since they've patched the heck out of it to make things work right. (Yay! No more Sims moving out in the night and vanishing without a trace!) However, it does offer a few nice global features if you want to tweak things like whether Sims can just autonomously go get married, fall in love, have friends (why would you NOT want them to have friends, you mean people? :( ) or if you just want the world to age like TS2 does. (IE only the house you're using ages.)
  • SimPort rewards Unlocked - because damnitall, I can't ever seem to get SimPort to actually WORK! and the rewards are pretty!
  • KVR's Horse Trophies sit on Shelves - Seriously? What moron down there thought that we wouldn't want to put our horse trophies on the display cases? So yeah, this fixes that!
  • HL SciFi Mailbox override- The Cute little mailbox for Lunar Lakes for all! (must have the world to use this)
  • HL Resort Mailbox Override- For Hidden Springs' mailboxes to be used other places, too! (still must have the world to use this)
  • Barnacle Bay Mailbox override- For Barnacle Bay's Mailbox! Because mailboxes with ship wheels rock!. (ditto)
  • Deleteable Mailboxes- So I CAN use the cute little custom mailboxes from those places!
  • Shiftable Fog Emitter- 'Fog Emitters're fun, m'kay? This makes it so you can float them up and down for more fun! Plusfun tutorial on how to use said Fog Emitter!

Sliders - BUH BUUUH BUUH!!! the stuff that makes my Sims happily unique!

Skintones and Eyeballs!

Favorite Equine and Pet Mods!

Hopefully this'll help everyone who might want to get more mods, whatever into their game.

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