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Taking a Deviation from the modern day Sims to go Medieval

Okay, let me first point out, this game does vary a lot from the normal Sims game. It's essentially an RPG meets Sims. Which makes it a lot of fun in it's own unique way.  It takes the best parts of WoW or Everquest II (gathering, fighting, questing) and combines it with Sims flavor.

I'm still sorting through the Tutorial but I'll give a few little highlights that amuse me, here. :)

And first, may I introduce you to our queen, Lady Eleonor Le'Sair
(Sadly, no green or other unusual skintones... although I'm going to experiment and see if I can put Sims 3 custom content into it.. .We'll see. I'd love to have Elle green. )
Her Traits are Scholarly and Fun Loving , her fatal Flaw is Puny (in other words, she can't hold a fight to save her life.... Except when Deus Ex Machina takes hold.. you'll see later.)

That said, the creator is just as detailed as Sims 2 & 3 is anyways, on to our little tour of Elle's first duties as a queen.

And our story begins as she enters her new kingdom!  Her Master Builder Kelvin greets her to explain the lay of the lands. Lady Elle tries to be enthralled.

Having a rugged man bowing happily at your feet helps! Elle is now enthralled :)

Among her new tasks, she was asked to go out into the woods and scout about for wood and supplies. So she takes her handmaiden and her sword and armor and off into the woods she goes!

Somewhere along the lines the handmaiden flew the coop. I guess she figured trouble was afoot! But lo.... Elle meets.... a BANDIT! OHNO!  Trouble abrews!

..... I said... TROUBLE ABREWS! Nevermind.... okay. So Elle likes the bandit. His name is "Forest Bandit Regulus"..... Meanwhile the tutorial quest is asking me to vanquish this guy.
"But... he is most adorable, Watcher! Must I?"
Yes... yes... you must. So sayeth the watcher over the Watcher... (Read: the tutorial told me to tell you so!)

In other words, don your armor, whip out the sword from who knows where and get medieval on his butt!

It's a heated dual!! Fight fight fight!
"Oooh you're so strong and magnificent!"
 "Why thank you, Lady Elle, I work out!"
"make it look good for the Watcher, she's watching, you know!"

And the battle wages on!

And all in good stageing ruse! Elle vanquishes the wiley veeeelahn! (Don't worry Elle, you can make it up to him later.)

Always nice when my followers listen. (Little sidenote. I love the Medieval style Plumbbob! It doth ruleth!)

Once vanquishing her nasty foe, she goes home to have a lunch of fine Venison stew! (Yep, they still cook!)

.... and later sends a note of apology to her 'villanous bandit' Regulus for beating him to a bloody pulp! "Mayhaps we can dine together, later?"

In preparation for her dining date, I remodeled the castle for her! And her dress and hair.

Pining Elle pines for her bad boy, bandit!

Later, while picking flowers outside the castle walls, a pigeon returns from her terrible bad boy! With a note! :) Apology accepted, apparently!

Further queenly duties demand she deal with the local bullies. Even in Medieval times, bullying is no longer tolerated! :D
But how do they punish terrible knaves in this game? SURELY there must be death?!!


The big, tentacle pit monster in the background says "Yes, yes there is!" Think of it as a Sims version Sarlaac Monster.

The bully spent a sad afternoon listening to them feed the thing while the peasants and Elle vented their annoyance at his bullying on him by pelting him with eggs and tomatoes! 
Bet he won't do that again!

Humiliation done, Elle takes a moment to whittle something cute for her bedroom!

The 'something cute' she whittled.

And heads home to have another bowl of Venison stew! Where's your manners, Elle? Don't you know how to use a spoon?

Oh wait, this is Medieval times, they haven't invented those, yet! Carry on, little follower!

And with a busy day behind her, she conks out in her newly decorated bedroom.

Queenly duties again.... Petitions from the peasantry!

And songs from the sexy bard!

Elle shows her approval of his songs... and his looks. ^.^
Evidently Queen Elleonor IS amused!

Leave it to Watcher-me to discover "HEY LOOK! They can fish in this game, too!"

More renovations and Queen Elle (garbed in her fancy new Armor-that's her on the right talking to one of the locals) is ready to open the court to the public!

With the help of her hungry advisor, Mitchell, Elle is now ready to expand her kingdom.

And with that expansion comes her first hero apointee! to protect the kingdom. shamon_cornell 's Dame Minsha Cornell.
Fatal Flaw:
Bloodthirsty (yeah, she's going to be a problem. :p )

And thus ends Chapter One of muses in Medieval times! ^.^

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