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Jay LeBleu: Pixel_Trade's Person Below Me, Alien Edition

Yet another submission to the "Person Below Me, Alien Edition"

The brief comes from needlecream :
The person below me will make an extremely bird-like sim, who literally believes they are a bird. Can be male or female, and preferably NOT an adult sim. (Bonus if they make an adorable toddler/child).

So I bring you this little cutie for Sims 3, Jay LeBleu (Not nearly as clever a pun as pixelcurious 's ) but I try!

He's a little scatter brained and free.
His traits are:
Insane (Since he's pretty nutty and thinks he's actually a bird) and Loves the Outdoors (for some reason it took a few more than I wanted when I dropped him down to teen)
Suggested traits: Virtuoso for his songbirdness, childish and eco friendly

He's actually a teen sim for Sims 3. I wanted very pointy, bluejay like features. Stuff that just suggested avian, including the lighter 'rings' around his eyes and bushy, flaired eyebrows.

He's actually an adult here but I thought it was cute that he had the little butterfly on his finger. It initially landed on his nose.

Lunch, Jay?

Already starting his songbirdness. (Yes, yes, I know Blue Jays aren't the most song-bird like birds but... bear with me, here.)

And she wanted to see if he'd make a cute baby. Well, what do you think? :)
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