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Prot Gardner : Pixel_Trade's Person Below Me, Alien Edition

So what the heck. I finally decided to throw in with pixel_trade 's fun challenges. So here's my submission. This'll be my first submission for Pixel_Trade, too.

My brief came from kejserligt wrote:

The person below me will make an alien male/female with big ears, colourful hair and a love for nature.

This is Prot Gardner. He's just your average, every day alien in Barnacle Bay!
He's a Cancer.
He's very artistic but a bit absent minded, sometimes. When he isn't showing his eco-friendly ways by recycling and cultivating the planet with his gardening, he's out fishing or jogging because of his love of the outdoors. Seldomly, he stays inside, but when he does, he shows that little inner-bookworm by reading romance novels!

Prot! How does your garden grow?

The Non-Custom content pic. Yes, his skintone is base content green. Mods needed: CMAR's Ear slider. I used Awesomemod's slider increaser but don't think that will be needed for him.

Enjoy! ^.^
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