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Just exactly who ARE the Party Greys? The Truth is ... well, behind the LJ Cut! REPOSTED from main

So it's been an age and a ton since I posted to this journal. If I'm going to post sims for downloading, I'll just toss them here. May as well use it since it's collecting dust otherwise. (I also will repost the Wicked Legacy, here

Also, I play Sims 3 as well as 2. That's a new addition to this journal. So you may see some Sims 3 related stuff on top of legacy stuff.   I have a bad habit of writing legacies and leaving them unfinished. I am working on not doing that but I hope you will at least enjoy what's here..)

I blame[info]shamon_cornell for this nonsense. Basically, it spawned from mentioning that Thomas' fascination with aliens required honest to God alien neighbors.
Since there aren't any legitimate ones in-game, yet. I have to make some. We surmised our party greys (this is one of our explanations for alien abductions.. They snag the little bored farm hands from backwood places to give them a good time in their otherwise humdrum lives. Not to be confused with the Cult of Probulon who.. well.. Probe.) needed to move in next door.

So I created these three.

(As you can see, right now I'm in a Sims mood both 2 & 3. I still play CoH & Champions to a lesser degree, but I just haven't been feeling like grinding combat as much as creating stories with my RP buddies or my Sims. My moods fluctuate.)

Bob Twinkle. He's a Nurse at Croatoa General Hospital.
"Dude, you're a hero? Do you like.. totally wear a mask?"
"Uh... no, I don't wear a mask. Sorry."
Thomas isn't sure what to think of this one. For one he's a little weirded out that they keep throwing pool parties and have no pool.

To put things into perspective just how nutty Bob is. (I can't recall his traits right now without firing up the game.)

This is Bob's bedroom and jammies. :D

Moving along..

We have the fashion beauty of the trio. Bztring Blarra!
He's very pretty, very glamourous and no, he's not a Na'vi!

See, no tail! :D Therefore, no Na'vi. Just pretty face markings!

And finally, my Fashion Designer/Stylist. Plique! (He's not having very good luck as a stylist..... I can't imagine why! :D ) He WAS dating Thomas.... except Thomas' mom keeps hitting on him.

Now Thomas is fawning on Evan aka Reflex Arc in CoH (Much like he does in RP.) With ... about the same, painfully hopeless results, amusingly enough or sadly enough. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of Arc.

And just for the Hell of it... random pictures.

Since I can't seem to run the big city town to be Paragon City proper. I decided to use the little bayou-countryside town and name it Croatoa. So... here we are, beautiful 'downtown' Croatoa. (aka Twinbrook)

I actually upgraded Thomas from the little rusty bike to..

The Scooter of win! (Hey it's glowy! what can I say?)

Token Fresh laundry moodlet! :D (Yes, I still get a cheap amused grin out of that moodlet.)

Yet another thing I blame on [info]shamon_cornell . Mannah Atkebourde.  This is his creation.(and sadly, her bewbies aren't big enough.... SERIOUSLY!) She's a pr0n star that sneakily sifts her films into stray Netflix....
She has half of Paragon frightened.... and conversely, she has half of Croatoa/Twinbrook scared, suitingly.

Except Wendy Sunblossom, for some reason.

"Oh like! I just had this great filming in a movie I did where we did [OH DEAR US! SHE'S RAMBLING HERE! TOO! NO! SHUT UP! NOW! FOR THE GOOD OF ALL THE READERS!] Like.. they're following me to the LJ? I was just wanting to tell the fans about this groovy [NO! PLEASE! FOR THE SAKE OF US! JUST... NO!]" Frownie face.

"You did WHAT on a desk?" Nervous laughter.
That's Bztring on a jog behind them. (Or he's fleeing for his life. I don't know which.) It's before I gave him a major edit-sim makeover.

Mannah going 'out on the town'
Woman in background shows her disapproval of.... EVERYTHING!

And proof that Mannah isn't ALL pr0n.... Her studio house.

Anyways, thus ends my screencap dump of silliness and mayhem.
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