August 7th, 2012

Thomas and Cosmo Geek's best friend

Thomas goes Grunge! -Lunar Lakes updates! Reposted! [Thomas, Peter & Karma's home.]

Reposting this to the LJ because frankly, LJ is just easier for dealing with comments or conversations about the posts and updates!

Thomas has taken to immersing himself a bit more into his writing. While he's dealing with Peter's loss as best he can, he's been looking more and more gaunt and haggard. Way to go, Thomas, you're the picture of the scruffy, reclusive writer.... 

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Thomas and Cosmo Geek's best friend

Wishing: Thomas goes Grunge Part 2- [Lunar Lakes - Karma, Thomas & Peter's home]

Once upon a Time there was once a young wizard.... who met a knight that was always afraid, but he tried to do what he could to help, any ways.
The wizard was young and handsome and very clever with his spells... But alas, fate conspired against the two and the Wizard was killed by a horrible calamity.

However, these two had a daughter, a young scientist!

"They had scientists in those times, mommy?"

"Well..." Karma paused, crafting her words carefully. "Of course they did! Alchemists!"

"Can I be an Alchemist on Earth, mommy?"

"Honey... you can be whatever you want..."

The Scientist... um.. Alchemist was a clever girl! She saw the despair that her knight-father was in and labored night and day over special scientific equations and experiments!
Alas, Science proved only able to restore the young Wizard's life but only to a ghost form...
The answer, it seemed, lay in a strange artifact that'd been growing dust in the back of her laboratory!

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