August 1st, 2012

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Lunar Lakes updates! [Thomas, Peter and Karma!]

From Thomas & Peter's household
So what're Derpy and Tinara so happy about? I mean that's glee, check it out! Tinara's even got her lighter-app out to set the mood!

Is it because Pascal Curious is lurking around behind them? Nope!

It's because I'm finally getting around to a few updates. This one being over in my Lunar Lakes world.

First off, an update as to where everyone's at, for those who are keeping track or for those who've just lost track given I have so much overlap of my muses...

Lunar Lakes: Thomas, Peter & Karma ; Derpy and Tinara and a few random Curiouses.

Lucky Palms: Taliesen Riftborn & Nexrad, Aidan (the groom and jockey for Timewalk Stables) and their family of horses and emo-cat Baxtor; A few random Curiouses; Alternate-timeline dark Taliesen, Nathan and Harper; Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon and John & Elle whom I just moved in there because Starlight Shores is laggy.

HIdden Springs: (Not a world I update a lot, but this is more Thomas' little fantasy-life) Thomas & Evan (aka Reflex Arc), their son Christopher & Pietro Le Lupe and their Wolves, Wolf Nanaki and finally Rain Tulani. (These two will be my Supernatural boys)

Equestria:(Primarily my Equus Sims world)Tal & Nex and family again; Thomas and his dogs, so far, till I decide whether to give him Peter or Arc.. or both?; dark Tal, Nathan & Harper and far more Paparazzi than I can shake a stick at.

so that's where everyone is, in case you were all wondering.. since I have no originality and recycle my muses in various worlds.

Any ways, on to the updates!

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